What does changing payroll service providers mean?

  • As plan administrator of the Public Service Pension Plan, Provident10 is responsible for overseeing the processing of your semi-monthly pension payments. Until now, your pension payment was processed by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. Going forward, CIBC Mellon will process your pension payments on behalf of Provident10. Provident10 remains the administrator of your pension.

    We have partnered with CIBC Mellon to assist us in processing pension payments, providing quarterly pay stubs and related customer support beginning on the December 15, 2021.

Why is Provident10 changing payroll service providers?

  • In 2014, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and five of the unions representing employees of the Public Service Pension Plan (the Plan) announced an agreement to ensure the future sustainability of the Plan by introducing pension reform.

    Following the pension reform agreement, a Joint Sponsorship Agreement was signed between Government and the Unions, establishing an independent corporation to administer the Plan and manage the investments. Provident10 is that corporation.

    Changing pension payment service providers is another important step towards full independence for Provident10 and the Plan.

When will the transition happen?

  • The transition occurred on the December 15, 2021 pay date.

Why did Provident10 choose CIBC Mellon as the payroll provider?

  • Following an in-depth and thorough search process, we chose CIBC Mellon as our pension payment provider in 2018. They have been an important partner of the Public Service Pension Plan (the Plan) for several years—their experience in providing pension payment services and their knowledge of the Plan made them an excellent choice as our pension payment service provider.

    CIBC Mellon is a leader in Canadian pension payment services with a proven track record, currently serving over 350 pension plans throughout Canada.

    Since 2018, they have proven to be excellent and capable partners in administering PSPP pension payment services.

    CIBC Mellon provides our members with an exceptional quality of service, including quarterly pay stubs and online resources, such as:

    The ability to request a duplicate tax slip

    Address Changes

    Direct deposit requests

What does the transition mean for members?

  • The move to a new pension payment provider will be seamless and have no impact on your current gross pension amount. But you should be mindful of the following:

    Your semi-monthly gross pension payment will not change because of this transfer. However, depending on your province of residence, you may see a change in your withholding taxes. Going forward, your withholding taxes will be based on your province of residence. Formerly, you were taxed according to the withholding rate of your province of employment.

    Once you have made the transition to CIBC Mellon, future correspondence you receive about your pension payment will come from CIBC Mellon, on behalf of Provident10.

    You will receive two tax slips for 2021. One will be from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for January 1 – December 14, 2021; the other will be from CIBC Mellon for December 15 – 31, 2021. Tax slips for 2022 onward will be printed and mailed to you by CIBC Mellon.

I am currently receiving my pension payments by cheque. Do I have to switch to direct deposit?

  • You will not be required to switch to direct deposit. However, mail delivery is always dependent on our postal system, which can encounter delays.

    Direct deposit of your pension payment ensures efficient and secure payment and is often much faster than postal delivery. If you would like to sign up for direct deposit, you can fill out the request form by clicking here.

Will CIBC Mellon continue to send my payment on the same schedule that I am used to?

  • Your payment schedule will not change. Direct Deposits are issued on the 15th (or last business day before), and the last business day of each month. CIBC Mellon mails cheques two days prior to the payment date – please allow time for Canada Post regular delivery.

Will my pay stub from CIBC Mellon look the same as my pay stub from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador?

  • Your pay stub from CIBC Mellon will look a little different. Click here for more information on how to read your pay stub.

Will my group insurance benefits change because of this transition?

  • No, your group insurance benefits will not change because of this transition. These benefits will be administered by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador as usual. For questions related to your group insurance benefits, please contact the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Group Insurance Section at 709-729-2310 or [email protected].

    For the members who transitioned previously in 2018, your benefits provider remains the same.

Will there be changes to the benefit deductions? Can I set up any additional general deductions?

  • All current benefit deductions will continue to be deducted from your pension payment. However, you may notice some of your deductions are now combined. For example, your deduction for life insurance used to be called “Basic Life, Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Dependant Life”. On your new CIBC Mellon pay stub, it will appear simply as “GNL LIFE”. For more details on how to read your new pay stub, click here.

    To add any new deductions, please contact your financial institution to have them processed directly from your bank account.

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