Purchasing or transferring service to the Plan is one way to enhance your pension benefit. Whether you are new to the Plan, are re-joining, or are leaving your current employer, you have several options under the PSPP, detailed below.

Eligible Service to Transfer

  • Service from another registered pension plan (RPP)
  • National Reciprocal Transfer Agreement
  • Plan-to-Plan Transfer Agreements
  • Service transferred from GMPP to PSPP
  • Service accrued in DB & DC plans registered under the Income Tax Act
  • Eligible worked service accrued in a Plan that was recognized under the Portability of Pensions Act applied:
    • TPP, USPP, MUN, MHA, Judges

Note: To transfer service, service must exist in the exporting plan.

More details are linked here on Transferring Service to the PSPP.

Eligible Service to Purchase

  • Additional GMPP service; insufficient funds available in GMPP
  • Authorized leaves of absence without pay (LWOP)
  • Prior full-time contractual service in another plan
  • Eligible worked service under the PSPP for which contributions were:
    • Refunded
    • Never paid
    • Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC)

Note: Confirmation of eligible service under previous plan is required

More details are linked here on Purchasing Service to the PSPP.

When is the best time to purchase or transfer service?

The best time to purchase or transfer service is today. Submitting a request for purchase of service through your employer within 90 days of returning from an authorized leave of absence will give you a preferred rate and employer contribution matching, as detailed below.

  • Request received within 90 days of member re/entering, member pays “preferred rate”; employer matches contributions
  • Request received after 90 days of entering PSPP, member pays full actuarial cost; no employer matching contributions


Process to Transfer or Purchase Service

  • Employer submits request form to Provident10
  • 90-day Service Standard Target
  • Contract sent directly to member
  • Contract valid for 45 days
What are my options to pay for service?
  • Write a cheque to PSPP Fund
  • Transfer from existing RRSP to PSPP Fund
  • Deposit money into RRSP; transfer to PSPP Fund
  • Payroll deductions employer payroll; interest charges apply

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