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Pension Calculator

It’s easy to get an estimate of your PSPP pension!

To get started with our pension calculator, grab your most recent Annual Pension Statement.

To calculate your estimated pension:

  1. Enter your total credited service in months.
  2. Enter your Highest Average Earnings, rounded to the nearest dollar.
  3. If you contributed to the PSPP at any time between April 1, 1993, and March 31, 1996, please enter your credited service during this period in the space(s) provided. If you were not contributing to the PSPP during this period, please leave the spaces blank.
  4. Click “Calculate Pension” to receive your pension estimate.

You can also download a copy of your estimate for your records.

Not sure where to find your information?

Visit the Annual Pension Statement page and watch our short video to learn more.

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Pension Calculator

Total Service & Pensionable Salary

April 1, 1993 – March 31, 1996

If you worked during any of the following periods, please indicate in the appropriate field:

  1. the number of months credited during each period
  2. whether or not the matching contributions paid by your employer were reduced during the following periods and
  3. if they were reduced, whether or not you paid the difference


Credited Service
(in months)

Employer contributions reduced

I paid the difference

April 1, 1993 – March 31, 1994
Employer Contributions Reduced
I Paid The Difference
April 1, 1994 – March 31, 1996
Employer Contributions Reduced
I Paid The Difference

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Frank, Pensioner


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