If you have exhausted all your sick leave credits (where applicable) you may qualify to receive a disability pension. Provident10 has engaged Manulife to provide independent medical advisory services for the Disability Pension under the PSPP. Manulife provides expertise and opinion on individual submissions for disability pension adjudication.

The criteria for eligibility include, but may not be limited to:

  • You must be an employee as defined by the Plan Text,
  • You must have accumulated a minimum of five (5) years’ pensionable service, and
  • Your disability must be medically certified as likely to be permanent.

The pension payable under medical disability is based on your total accrued pensionable service earned to the date of retirement due to disability.

There are three things that distinguish this benefit from other retirement options:

  • You have a permanent disability that prohibits you from returning to work,
  • The benefit is payable with effect from the first day after we receive the completed Medical Disability Application. However, the date your pension is effective may be impacted if you are entitled to any sick leave or are purchasing service or unpaid leave,
  • There is no minimum age requirement

To learn more about how to apply please view the information sheet.

To begin a claim, please contact your employer and have them complete the application form. This form will be submitted to Manulife via email at casemanagement@manulife.ca.

Note: Participation in a rehabilitation program is mandatory if recommended by the Plan’s medical assessor.

  • Questions?

    If you have any additional questions, please connect with a Provident10 Pension Administration team member at:

    Email: pensions@Provident10.com

    Phone: 709-701-3355 (toll free 1-844-247-1237)

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