NOW is our time to reach our NEXT goals 

This is an exciting time for Provident10, as we launch our strategic plan. Our strategy represents an evolution, mapping out a five-year journey to modernizing, transforming, and growing our business.

Our ambitions are limitless as the strong foundations we have built over the last five years will allow us to evolve and grow. We will build on our accomplishments, consistent track record, ability to exercise agility in times of uncertainty to inform and guide future direction and decisions.


When I look at Provident10, I see the impact that we have on the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. I see our 55,000+ Plan members and realize that you don’t have to look too far or too long to find someone who we have an obligation to.”

CEO, Chuck Bruce

Becoming Brilliant at the Basics

Brilliant at the Basics is a theme and an integral part of our multi-year journey. It is not only a statement, but also a promise – that we will continue to elevate our success with good governance, key relationships and innovation. The next phase of our journey reflects the effort that is required to realize the returns from the foundation we have laid.

Modern. Focused. People-Centric.

Three elements underpin our vision for 2026:

  1. PEOPLE: A seamless experience for members and a positive culture for our employees.
  2. PROCESS: An efficient and agile organization, reacting and adapting to the evolving times as we continue to make smart investments for growth for our members.
  3. TECHNOLOGY: Embrace technology in a big way as we modernize to reduce the burden of pension administration; protect and mitigate digital risks to the business; ensure transparency, accountability, and a consistent experience for our members.

These three elements – people, processes, and technology – have served as the critical factors to build the right foundation for long-term success and will continue to do so.

Our 2026 Aspirations & Objectives

By 2026, Provident10 aspires to be:

Industry Leader in pension and investment service offerings

Trusted Brand that leads in member satisfaction

Recognized Employer of choice

FIVE strategic pillars to meet 2026 goals

Driving stable, long-term growth

Provident10 will evaluate new opportunities based on criteria that align with the organization’s values, aspirations, and operational readiness. Our continuous growth will be grounded in prudent financial decisions and strategic actions including expanding service offerings while protecting the promise for members of the Plan and ensuring fairness in the Plan costs and benefits is achieved across generations of members.



Enabling service excellence through technology adaptation and modernization

We understand the importance of technology in enabling modernization of pension administration service delivery. Modernization will advance member and stakeholder experiences as well as generate business efficiencies and mitigate risk associated with current systems. The organization is committed to improving the pension administration system and making the necessary enhancements to introduce robust technologies that improve business processes while developing user friendly member engagement tools.


Enhancing transparency and engagement with members and stakeholders

Our team is dedicated to continually building trust and protecting the relationship with its members and stakeholders through transparent communications throughout all aspects of the organization. Committed to understanding the evolving needs of members and stakeholders, it will engage with stakeholders to inform brand development and member service offerings and increase financial literacy.


Developing talent and fostering a purpose-driving culture

Committed to fostering a values-based and purpose driven organization, Provident10 is building an organizational culture where its core values and beliefs are modelled top-down and lived bottom up. Our team is a critical factor of its long-term success and as a result, is allocating training and funds to elevate the talent experience. The organization rests in the strength of a diversified talent pool across all teams and aims to attract and retain skilled talent to reflect the members it serves.


Leading with strong governance

Good governance is a fundamental principle at Provident10 and provides the organization with its license to operate. We are committed to investing in IT governance and risk management to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.




Provident10 remains focused on our long-term goal: the financial health of the Plan and becoming a best-in-class, scalable pension administration and investment management organization.


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